My name is Enoch Kiio Wambua, a Kenyan, born on October 31st 1972 and married. I am vying for the seat of senator for Kitui county in 2017.

I thank God for the opportunity to join the race in the 2017 elections. I offer myself for election as the second Senator (under the new constitutional dispensation) of Kitui County in 2017 fully aware of the challenges that lie ahead; indeed prepared for the challenges.

My Pledge To You

My pledge to you covers the following areas

  1. Our Youth Our Future
  2. Education
  3. Water/Agriculture/Environment
  4. Health
  5. Sports
  6. Women Empowerment
  7. Local Leadership


Our campaign to win the Senate seat will be facilitated by a countrywide, indeed global, network of partners. Join the winning team and donate as little as Ksh10 (ten shillings) to this campaign. Every coin donated to the campaign will be exclusively used to advance the positive message of change in an environment of peace and tolerance. You can send your donation through our M-Pesa lines  0797661012/0797661011


We appeal to you to speak to someone, every day, about this campaign and recruit one more person to join this movement. We shall win this campaign through your influence to convince one more person to join us and vote for our candidate, Enoch Kiio Wambua. We are truly stronger together; Ngwatano Yaitu, Vinya Witu.


Every vote in Kitui County must count. But for this to happen, every eligible voter must register and vote. The choice of the majority is the winning choice. And so let us encourage everyone who is 18 years of age and above to register as a voter. And every registered voter must go to a polling station and vote. On the voting day on August 8, 2017, please vote for Enoch Kiio Wambua to be your Senator.