SENATOR ENOCH KIIO WAMBUA (2017): Expression of Interest

I thank God for the opportunity to be a candidate in the 2017 elections. I offer myself for election as the second Senator (under the new constitutional dispensation) of Kitui County in 2017 fully aware of the challenges that lie ahead; indeed prepared for the challenges. I am not ignorant of the nature of our politics where big money and empty sound bites easily sway the vote. I am not ignorant of cases where people with criminal records ride on political waves into office for the sole purpose of protecting ill-gotten wealth and laundering their names. But let us face it, politics based on money, sound bites and political waves is evidence of failure of imagination; it is an outdated brand of politics that would surely tear the beautiful county of Kitui apart.

I come to you in peace and humility asking for your support; asking you to join hands with me to work together to build a county we can all be proud of. In me you get the positive change in political leadership that you have been waiting for; a leadership where everyone is someone and all dreams are valid.

I must disabuse Kenyans of the misplaced notion that the Senate is the retirement home for ageing politicians. On the contrary, I am a firm believer that the Senate is the seat of power for the true Champions of Devolution, Equity and Social Justice. I am ready on day one to sit at the Senate and champion the shared ideals and aspirations of the people of Kitui County. I am ready on day one to build partnerships with local, national and international agencies to bring additional resources to supplement budgetary allocations to Kitui County to fast-track development. You will find overwhelming evidence in my track record that I will live up to every promise I make.

I do not seek to be your master. I seek to be your facilitator on the farm, in the classroom and lecture theaters, in your business and everywhere the office of the Senator would be required to make your burden lighter. Where I am unable to deliver, I will be frank to admit inability or failure; but my office will endeavor to suggest and/or provide alternative solutions. Standing with Enoch Kiio Wambua to be Senator of Kitui County in 2017 is a stand in favor of positive change; the change you want to see.

We are Stronger Together:

My campaign, and service after the elections, will be based on true partnerships. I strongly believe that if we put our minds together and agree to move in a certain direction, no mountain would be too high for us to climb. Together we can do it. Together we can get to our desired destination; a place where every stakeholder in the journey is happy and accountable to one another. We cannot win the many battles we face if we do not come together, pull together and work together. We cannot win the respect of others if we specialize in tearing each other apart. We can only begin the journey of meaningful healing if we embrace one another and support one another in good works. It is not through isolation that problems are solved. We are stronger together.


I embark on this campaign with the end in mind. My objective is to decisively win the election but my ultimate goal is to build a strong network of residents and development partners to deliver and accomplish real projects and services for the people of Kitui County. I have identified seven key pillars against which my performance should be judged. These are:

1. Our Youth Our Future:

The future of Kitui County rests squarely on the shoulders of our youth; a generation that is not burdened by a political history of empty rhetoric – a generation that carries the hope for a better tomorrow. In the words of President Barack Obama, the time we live in is not inherited from our forefathers, it is borrowed from our children. Once in office, I shall run youth programs including mentorship where I shall place our youth under the guidance of professionals in all disciplines and from all parts of the country to be nurtured in their careers of choice. I am already building a databank of respectable members of society who are willing to spend their valuable time to guide our young people through the contours of progressive careers. I shall also bring together youths from all over the county and support them to start profitable business ventures through existing national agencies as well as tapping into support from relevant institutions.

2. Education:

An educated population is the best insurance against communal hunger, poverty and disease. I shall establish local, national and international partnerships to educate our children in Kenya and abroad. This initiative is already in force but plans are at a very advanced stage to create a vehicle within which a more structured approach would be rolled out.

3.  Water/ Agriculture/ Environment:

I shall work very closely with local communities and their leaders to construct dykes, earth dams and sink boreholes across the county. I shall seek partnerships with corporate organizations to harvest rain water. I shall support reforestation by sponsoring tree nurseries across the county. I shall push for the reintroduction of cotton as a cash crop in our county and develop networks aimed at making pigeon peas a cash crop. I shall support beef and dairy farming and pursue value addition for our farm produce. Above all, I shall establish and nurture farmers’ co-operative societies for easier marketing of farm produce and to boost the standards of living of our people.

4. Health:

I hold the view that a healthy population is the cornerstone of a wealthy nation. I shall partner with local and international organizations under structures within the County Government of Kitui and the National Government to supplement delivery of health services in all corners of the county. My main focus will be primary health care especially for mother and child. To this end, I am already working with reputable health institutions and eminent personalities to sponsor students from our county to pursue medical-related courses at basic and advanced levels.

5.  Sports:

As a county, Kitui is endowed with a great diversity of sporting talent. Our youths have capacity to compete with world beaters in athletics and soccer. But they have not been properly mentored and supported to compete beyond the lower Eastern region. I shall partner with governmental and non-governmental organizations with interest in sports to expose our local talent to competitions with champions from other parts of the country and beyond. To this end, I am planning a county marathon before June 2017 to which I will invite talent scouts from all over the world to tap into our potential and place our county in the international sporting map.

6.  Women Empowerment:

Women are the cornerstones of stability in our families. When their strength is tapped and nurtured, there is evidence of progress in the family. I shall dedicate significant time and resources to seek partnerships with local and international financial institutions to strengthen table banking for our mothers, sisters and daughters. I shall engage the services of financial experts to structure existing “chamas” in a manner consistent with sound financial management systems. The ultimate goal is to bring together all these “chamas” and pull resources together to start a micro-finance institution with branches in every constituency in Kitui County. On this one, we are truly stronger together.

7.  Local Leadership:

I truly believe in participatory approach to development. I respect a bottom-up model in decision making for community development. In my campaign and throughout my service, I shall work with community (indeed village) leaders in all projects to improve the welfare of our people. I refuse to embrace the idea that the leader knows it all; this is a big lie. People in every village have a better appreciation of the challenges they face every day; they are better placed to bring to the table different options to confront their challenges. I shall work with these leaders in every corner of our beautiful county to deliver value in all spheres of life. Respect to grassroots leaders will be a strong basis for my engagement within the county.


Every member of my campaign team shall be bound by the following irreducible values in their engagement with every voter:

  1. GOD FIRST: I acknowledge that leadership comes from God and so I shall seek His guidance every step of the way. I shall openly condemn any immoral acts touching on my campaign and brought to my attention.
  2. PEACE: I shall pursue peaceful campaigns and condemn any acts of violence, intimidation and/or hooliganism during the campaign. I shall stand firmly against the deployment of our youths in criminal activities during the campaign period.
  3. RESPECT: I shall respect the right of every candidate to campaign freely in every part of the county. I shall defend the right of every voter to respectfully express his/her views on each candidate in the race.
  4. TRUTH: I shall be truthful to self, to county and to country in my utterances and actions. I shall not deceive or mislead voters for selfish gain.